trouble on turtle beach

oh no! There’s trouble on turtle beach!

This turtle is here to tell us an imporant story about the power of collective action and care. For a millenia, the turtles have been coming to the same beach to mate and raise their young, and for a millenia, the moon has been there to sing the baby turtles to sleep, and to tuck them into the tide. 
This time the turtles return to their ancestral beach to find that land animals have colonized the beach and established a government to reign over
the beach. They have set up shop on the tallest precipice around, so the turtles cannot access them to advocate for themselves, they have stolen the moon (which is essential to the turtles), and worst of all, they have started charging for use of the beach, which is now filled with tourists. This makes the turtles pretty angry. A few of the turtles can still afford the beach, but everyone else bands together, brushes off a rocky outcropping and sing together the 

thank u 4 coming 2 my party