mica divest zine

MICA Divest Zine is a zine that I made to spread information about fossil fuel divestment to my peers. As a dedicated advocate and member of student government, I realized that I was privy to information that my peers weren’t recieving. When I heard from the MICA administration that they hoped for broader student support for the MICA Divest movement, I wondered if part of the reason that we didn’t have mores students involved was because many students didn’t understand what Divestment meant, or why it mattered.  MICA DIVEST ZINE is an attempt to spread information, and an inquiry into how to make people care about an issue. 

I chose to make a zine because of my understanding of the zine format, and its history of being used to spread information due to it being easily duplicatable and small. One-page zines are my favorite, and I think they’re the most easily understandable zine to give to someone else to print and fold. I designed the zine so that the inside spread was a poster that students could post around the school. The poster side encourages the viewer to take the zine off the wall, and provides folding instructions. The zine side encourages the reader to unfold and hang the zine once they’re done with it, creating a cycle of poster to zine to poster again that provides the most information to the most people, using the least amount of resources. 

I printed zines mainly on-demand so as not to waste paper, and printed mainly on paper that I found in the school recycling bins or that I had leftover from past projects.  This process actually drew my attention to the immense amount of paper that gets wasted at MICA, and led me to bring a cardboard box to collect barely used paper in the studio I was printing in. 

On the back of the zine was a link to a folder of resources, including the PDF that I had printed initially, printing and folding suggestions, and a letter template to write a letter to the Board of Trustees about divestment.

with copy editing help & poster blurb copy from Avionna Fitzhugh
thank u 4 coming 2 my party